The mission

Efficient and clear communication is becoming increasingly important as our society grows ever more complex. That's why both junior and more experienced communication professionals in companies, organizations, and government agencies must continue to build their skill sets for communicating with the outside world. In the Bepublic Master Class, five different modules will teach you—taking a practical-oriented approach—how to set up a successful PR strategy in your company or organization. 
More information:

During the Bepublic Master Class's five modules, you'll attend classes taught by five experts who advise and guide large companies, organizations, and public authorities on their PR strategy. Some examples are: Telenet, Securitas, Baloise Insurance, BDO, Eneco, Thomas Cook, Facebook, the Belgian Road Safety Institute or the Federal Public Service Interior. 

You'll learn all the tips and tricks inherent in our approach: teaching companies and organizations to communicate in a journalistic manner, so that their stories, expertise, and initiatives really become news for the press and the public. The Bepublic Master Class helps you to seek out news in your organization, to write clear, newsworthy press releases, to get your news into the media, to weigh in on the public debate with your communication, and to communicate in times of crisis.

During this Bepublic Master Class, as a (young) communication professional, you'll get to know modern-day PR. Bepublic combines corporate journalism with societal relevance and real news value. That approach pays off. 


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