Module 4: communicating in times of crisis

How do you safeguard your organization's reputation, even in difficult times, and how can open communication, given a good crisis plan, contribute to that process?

This module is taught in English. There's room for 30 participants.

Crisis communication equals reputation management. Crisis communication is all about staying in charge of the communication, and employing transparency and empathy to convey difficult messages to the right audience. The power of good crisis communication lies in good preparation.

In this module, you'll learn how to draw up an efficient crisis communication plan, how to organize crisis communication internally, and how to best step forward in the thick of it. Using examples from our day-to-day operations, we teach you how to best respond to crises in your company or organization.

Jochem Goovaerts

Jochem Goovaerts was an NMBS spokesperson for nearly fifteen years, and then worked for a communication agency and for a ministerial cabinet. He knows what constitutes efficient crisis communication and is aware of the sensibilities for the media and companies.

Communicating in times of crisis:
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