Module 3: Weighing in on the public debate

How do you ensure your communication makes a real impact and your company or organization is able to weigh in on the political or social debate?

This module is taught in French. There's room for 30 participants.

Going along with current events' momentum is quite a challenge for anyone who wants to develop a communication strategy. If you yourself want to determine that momentum, that's often proof to be more complex. As a company or organization, however, you sometimes need to weigh in on the political or public debate with a clever strategy. 

This module will teach you how to table the right topics on the social agenda. Sometimes even without putting you in the limelight. A good PR strategy can ensure that your company's or your organization's interests are heard by both decision makers and opinion formers.

Younes Al Bouchouari

Younes Al Bouchouari was a journalist at French-language business newspaper L'Echo for seven years, and is now a consultant for Bepublic. In every company, and for everyone, he looks for and finds a good story, and as a thoroughbred news-hunter, news and journalism are in his DNA.

Weighing in on the public debate:
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