Module 5: Writing a good press release

How do you write a good, newsworthy press release that doesn't end up in the bin in a newsroom?

This module is taught in Dutch.

The number of participants for this module is limited to 10, in order to guarantee training quality.

A survey conducted by Bepublic, in collaboration with press agency Belga, which had two thousand Flemish people judge a hundred press releases, showed that barely one in four press releases received a passing mark. If it's neither relevant nor newsworthy, it's better not to send out a press release at all.

In this module, you'll learn that a really good press release is more than just a linguistically sound text. By means of practical exercises, you'll find out everything about the structure and the news value of a good press release. Prior to the training session, every participant will be submitting some of their own press releases, which we'll be using as working documents during the course of the module.

Inge Delva

Inge Delva knows perfectly why some press releases work, and others don't. As an experienced copywriter, she has no trouble coming up with one strong press release after the other.

Writing a good press release:
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